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Kelty & Blairadam and Kelty Golf Club, Fife.

Founded 1896.

Originally called Kelty Golf Club, the course was north of what is now Cocklaw Street (A909). It changed its name to Kelty and Blairadam Golf Club (Maryburgh Golf Course) in 1927 when it moved to a 9 hole picturesque course situated in front of Blairadam House on the Blairadam Estate, a 15 minute walk from the station. The clubhouse had no licence and no catering facilities. Local hotel was the Oakfield.

Below is the result of a match played on the Lochside course of the Kinross Golf Club in September 1902.

Kinross Golf Club   Kelty Golf Club  
J M Stevens 0 T Lindsay 1
Rev. F Williamson 6 A Brownlie 0
A Templeman 0 J Smith 5
James Miller 0 Dr. Carment 2
F Adamson 0 Rev. G Hunter 1
E J Michie 0 A Bayne 2
D Adamson 0 A Thomson 1
T Livingstone 0 J Scott 6
G D Todd 0 Dr. Keay 4
Dr. Oswald 0 W Brown 1
J H Sands 0 J Small 5
J Menzies 0 W Fernie 7
  6   35

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Founded 1896; Number of members 90; Station at Kelty 15 minutes walk; Hon. secretary - J Scott, Oakfield, Kelty; Captain, J Fisher; Entrance fee nil and subs 5s; Nine-holes; Green-keeper, A Thomson; Preofessional record, W Binnie, 77; Amateur record, J Forrester, 75; Fixtures, Club Tournaments, Stewart Cup; Terms for visitors, 6d a day, 2s/6d a week. The course is situated on Cocklaw Estate, and is quite near to the village. There are plenty of natural hazards. Hotel - "Oakfield."

In 1906 visitors’ fees were 6d a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month.

Result of a match played at Leslie on Saturday 26th May 1906.

Leslie Golf Club   Kelty Golf Club  
C O B Paton 0 W L Gilles 1
R Robertson 0 A Smith 1
W Barnes 0 J E Bett 1
E MacLeod 1 J H Jack 0
J Robertson 1 W Burnie 0
A Webster 1 C Mackersie 0
D Maiden 1 W Deas snr 0
W Black 1 W Deas jnr 0
  5   3

Result of a club match played at the Crook of Devon Club in May 1908.

Crook of Devon Golf Club   Kelty Golf Club  
W Younger 0 T Lindsay 0
A Reid 1 A Thomson 0
W Bett 0 I Smith 1
J Scott 0 J Fisher 0
R Robinson 1 A Fisher 0
J McDonald 0 W Fortune 1
W D Robinson 0 J Dickson 1
J Adamson 0 D Wallace 1
J Wallace 0 W Younger 1
T McCrea 0 W Izatt 1
R Hall 0 J B Calder 1
  2   7

Result of a West Fife League club match played at Kelty against Auchterderran in June 1909.

Kelty Golf Club   Auchterderran Golf Club  
Dr Carment 1 H White 1
A Thomson 0 J Smith 2
T Morrison 2 W Brown 0
R McEwan 2 W Forrester 0
D Smith 0 S Kirk 2
J Fisher 1 R Keedie 1
J Scott 2 J Adamson 0
J Forrester 2 W Herd 0
J Dickson 0 J Smith 2
J Morrison 2 T Cuthbert 0
W Younger 1 J Sutherland 1
A Fisher 2 C Walker 0
  15   9

In January 1913 the Club Championship was played at Kelty, there was a 36 hole qualifying competition, the leading eight players going forward to a match-play. The final was played between Samuel Scott and Alexander Thomson, Scott won the match 3&2. 

In 1914 the club had a membership of 80. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were 6/-, ladies 3/6d, youths and boys 2/6d and 1/6d.

Below is the result of a match played at Cowdenbeath Golf Club in May 1920.

Cowdenbeath Golf Club   Kelty Golf Club  
W Gilbert 2 R Hunter 0
J Galloway 2 A Fisher 0
T M Finlay 2 W Walker 0
D Moffat 0 J Hynd 2
R Ferguson 1 J Greig 1
W G Hodge 2 W Ross 0
W M Fortune 2 W Izatt 0
J Gilbert 0 G Hunter 2
A Stuart 2 W Henderson 0
  13   5

It was announced in April 1927 that the Kelty Club lost their course at the end of last year. They had, however, been successful in securing land at Blairadam Estate and the members have been busy working on the new nine hole course which was to be officially opened by Mrs Macfarlane, St Andrews, on Wednesday 20th April 1927.

In the mid and late 1930s membership was 200.

The Cowdenbeath golf team the retained the Thomson Trophy which was played on Saturday 8th June 1940 on the Kelty & Blairadam course, result; Cowdenbeath (C Gilbert 76, D Clark 79, J Benson 79, T Terriss 82) total 316; Kelty (R Dalrymple 79, A Dickson 79, W Mitchell 81, N Martin 81) total 320. This was the eighth time Cowdenbeath had won the trophy. 

In the club’s last year in 1940, the 9-hole course of 5,040yds had a SSS of 70 and membership of 100.  Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 7/6d a fortnight. The railway station was now at Cowdenbeath which was 3 miles away; this suggests that the station mentioned earlier may have closed. Alexander’s buses ran a service to the course every 15 minutes from Black Road, Kelty.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1906 John Scott, Oakfield, Kelty.  
1923/29 John Scott J Lowe (g)
1930 A L Downie, Main Street, Kelty.  
1930s G Miller, Cocklan Street, Kelty R Hunter (g)
1940 T Cowan, Hazelbank, Kelty A Philp (g)


  Course records
1906 John Forrester (am) 75 William Binnie (pro) 77
1920s Robert Hunter (am) 73
1940 Robert Hunter (am) 72


Kelty & Blairadam Golf Club, Fife. Location of the first golf course.

Location of the early course. Grid reference NT13220,93955, co-ordinates 313220,693955.



Kelty & Blairadam Golf Club, Fife. Location of the later golf course.

The map above gives an idea to the location of the Maryburgh course, to the front of Blairadam House. Grid reference NT13300, 95760, co-ordinates 313300,695760