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East Linton Golf Club (Hedderwick Hill), Prestonkirk, East Lothian. (1903 -WW2)

Founded 1903. (For more information on the course see Hedderwick Hill)

On New Year's Day 1904 the club held a competition for the Oswald Lumsden Medal, played over the Hedderwick Hill course. Mr A McCallum won the medal, and an additional prize of a cheese, his score was 90-10-80. Other prize winners; A Malcolm, Mr J Hunter, Jas Sanderson.

On Wednesday 6th January the members of the East Linton Golf Club entertained Mr St Clair Cunningham to a complimentary dinner. Mr Robert Noble RSA, captain of the club, presided over a company of 50 gentlemen. Provost Barrie and Mr John Wood assisted. The chairman, in proposing the health of the guest, said it required no words of his to say how very highly the club appreciated Mr Cunningham’s kindness in making the Hedderwick Links Course has their home green. Mr Cunningham, in reply, said it always gave him the greatest possible pleasure to see the members of the club on the course. The chairman then presented Mr Cunningham with the scratch cup won by him last season, along with a handsome gold badge bearing the burgh seal and a suitable inscription.

The AGM was held in February 1904, Captain Noble in the chair. The following were appointed office bearers for the year; Hon president, Mr St Clair Cunningham; captain, Mr R Noble; vice-captain, Mr J Wood; secretary, Mr W S Malcolm; treasurer, Provost Barrie. The treasurer’s statement showed a balance in favour of the club.

On Wednesday July 6th 1904 East Linton played against Haddington on the Hedderwick Hill course.

East Linton Golf Club   Haddington Golf Club  
R Noble 1 J D Watson 0
W Broadley 1 J G Croal 0
St Clair Cunningham 0 E Toviatdale 1
W Ferguson 1 R Whitelaw 0
J Malcolm 1 W Burnett 0
T Calligan 0 T Smith 1
T C Hope 1 D W Teviotdale 0
R Cluny 0 J Hutchison 1
A Moncrieff 1 J Aim 0
J Sanderson 1 T G Young 0
H Brotherston 0 T W Todrick 1
J Brown 0 T Cellen 1
C Hally 1 T T W Turnbull 0
  8   5

On Friday 18th November 1904 when playing in a four-ball alongside St Clair Cunningham, Isaac Bayley and Capt Foulis, Ben Sayers of North Berwick set a new course record of 64.

The following is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted - 1903; Number of members - 40; Hon. Secretary - William Sinclair Malcolm, East Linton, Prestonkirk; Captain - Robert Noble, R.S.A; Entrance Fee, Nil - Subs 2s/6d; Number of Holes - 18; Professional Record - Ben Sayers (North Berwick), 64; Amateur Record - A M Ross, 66; Fixtures - Lumsden Handicap Medal, played for in January, April, May, June, and September; Scratch Trophy and Club Badge in October. The Hedderwick Hill Private Course belongs to Mr St Clair Cunningham, of Hedderwick Hill. The members of the East Linton Golf Club have the privilege of using it as their "Home Course." The green is beautifully situated on the coast of Haddingtonshire, overlooking the Firth of Forth. The members have the privilege of taking a friend with them. 

From 1914 to its demise prior to WW2 the secretary was listed as C J Hally. The East Linton Golf Club played over a course called Hedderwick Hill (see separate entry) laid out by St Clair Cunningham. An 18-hole course with a membership of 40. The amateur record holder was A M Ross with a score of 63. The record was eventually bettered by the great Open Champion James Braid, with an amazing round of 57. Stations were at East Linton or Dunbar 3 Miles away.  In 1937 the green-keeper was W Kerr; the course had a par of 70.

Although the club continued to be listed in the Golfer's Handbook to the 1970s it was a repetitive enty from the 1930s.

Thanks to Alan McPherson for the following. The East Linton club now plays its club matches at Dunbar Golf Club, with membership of the East Linton club restricted to Dunbar members who live in and around East Linton.


East Linton Golf Club. 1955 club medal.

East Linton Golf Club Medal dating from 1955. 


East Linton Golf Club. Course location.

Hedderwick Hill at East Linton.