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Winchburgh Golf Club, West Lothian. (1907 - 1961)

The original club in Winchburgh was at Faucheldean and continued to the outbreak of WW1.

In the mid 1920s a 9-hole course was developed on the same site and this continued until 1961 when it closed and reverted to farmland.

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Linlithgowshire Gazette Friday 24th May 1907. “WINCHBURGH GOLF CLUB – Opening of New Course – Since it was announced some three months ago that a club had been formed at Winchburgh, and ground secured for a course at Tippet Knowes, no time has been lost in laying out the ground. Play has been going on for a few weeks, and the course was formally opened on Saturday.

Mr Agnew Ralston, Philipstoun House, hon. president of the club, was abroad and unable to attend. Members and friends numbering about 60 were present when Mr P Somervail of Glendevon, declared the course open. Mrs H Armour of Niddry Mains was called on to drive the first ball. Mrs Armour was presented with a handsome cleek by Dr Bartholomew, on behalf of the club, and with it she gracefully struck the first ball.

Description of the Course – As the name Tippet Knowes implies, the ground of the course is on a series of knows (knoll,) four of which are tipped with trees, hence probably the name. The ground extending to some 42 acres of meadowland has been laid out by Mr. D Anderson, of the Edinburgh Braid Hills Club. Excellent use has been made of the many natural hazards, which the clump of trees, the grassy ridges and banks, the small quarry, the general undulating nature of the ground, the Gelendevon Burn, which bounds the course on the north for its entire length, provide.The whole result is a course measurement of over three miles for the double round. Only two of the greens have required making up, and for the others rolling and dressing are being effectively carried on.

The tee for the first hole of 230 yards is near the eastern entrance gate, which is within 12 minutes walk of Winchburgh station. In this hole no difficulty is encountered until the player approaches the green, which is placed ona saddle between two of the patches of trees and near the highest point of the course. Hole two, the short hole of 167 yards, to the foot of the brae at the east end of the course, is most deceptive in appearance. Most players fancy it is an easy cleek shot, but find it requires a bit of doing with an iron club. Hole three, the long hole of 526 yards, starts with a drive up a fairly steep and rounded hill and a carelessly placed drive suffers badly, the first taste of the burn being occasionally obtained. Good brassey play may now be had, but the sloping nature of the ground when the burn, which introduces a dog-leg variety to this hole, is too closely approached, lands many a sliced shot in trouble. Hole four, 292 yards long, is over a fine open stretch to the saddle, wher a double green is formed with number one, and involves a careful approach, owing to the sudden drop of the ground just over the green. Hole five, 372 yards, the tee is in a clearing amongst th trees of the second knowe. The first 50 yards, though quite open, is boulder strewn, and a foozled or topped shot is usually severely penalised. More brassey play brings the player to the first of the made greens, near Glendevon House. Hole six, 313 yards, is over more knowes, and in this instance the green is protecte by an outstanding tree of the western clump, and a small quarry hole. Hole seven, 220 yards, the drive to which is is through a sufficient clearing amongst the trees, which are here growing on a high grassy bank, also requires to be well taken. Hole eight, 242 yards, is played at an angle through a glade and over another double grassy ridge between two of the clumps of trees, forms another testing line. By a short walk of about seventy yards up to the side of the woode nicely placed teing ground for the ninth-hole of 306 yards is reaced. In this hole the boundary introduces itself at a point where a long drive slightly sliced is penalised. The approach to the home green, which, like five others, is hidden from the tee, is somewhat difficult to find on account of the rounded knowe in front, many shots rolling to the right or left on that account, but the green, which is one of the made-upbowling green order, is easily negotiated.

The Winchburgh club are to be congratulated on having such an interesting cours, and having it so well laid out. They are also fortunate in having been so early presented with a handsome medal for competition, the donor, Mr. D F Mackenzie, one of the originators of the now famous Norton Hall course. With a membership of 60 ladies and gentlemen, success is already assured.”

The annual meeting was held in the Public School on Thurday 14th March 1912. The treasurer read the financial report which showed that the club was in a healthy position. The following office-bearers were appointed; Hon. president, A Agnew Ralston; hon. vice-presidents, A D Maclagan, H Armour, J Black; captain, H C Weir; vice-captain, William Scott; hon. secretary, P Munnoch; hon. treasurer, H C Weir.

The club went into abeyance at the time of WW1. 

Below is a report on a meeting held in April 1924. The club had been in abeyance for several years.


Winchburgh Golf Club, West Lothian. Report on a meeting held in April 1924.

From the Linlithgowshire Gazette Friday 18th April 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1926 an advert appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News for Winchburgh Golf Club. It was listed as a nine-hole course and there were a “few vacancies” for membership. Gent’s entrance fee was 5/- and subscriptions 15/- Ladies, 2/6 and 10/- visitors paid 1/- a day.

The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse in March 1927. The secretary, Tom Rutherford, read the minutes of the last meeting and submitted the financial statement, both were approved. The president, Mr Peutherer, referred to the impending departure of the secretary, who was leaving shortly for Canada along with his parents. He was sure he was voicing the opinion of the members when he said that their loss would be some others' gain. The following officers were elected; Hon. president, Dr. J Fraser Orr; president, J F Peutherer; vice-president, R D Thomson; secretary, James Johnston; treasurer, Charles Boag; match secretary, R Dickson; captain, James Wilson; vice-captain, Robert Scott; green-keeper, William Neil.


Winchburgh Golf Club, West Lothian. Report on Social Meeting December 1930.

From the Linlithgowshire Gazettet Friday 19th December 1930. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The annual meeting was held in April 1932 when the following officers were elected; President, Mr. J Peutherer; secretary - J Wilson, 60 Abercorn Place, Winchburgh; treasurer, James Johnston.

Broxburn Golf Club held their annual open meeting on the Drumshoreland course on Saturday 21st May 1932. About 40 golfers competed for the silver rose bowl. The winner was J Wilson (Winchburgh), 84-18-66; runner-up, R Sinclair (Winchburgh), 90-18-72.

Result of a Gent's foursome played in May 1936; A Johnstone and C Borthwick (18,) 66; J L Wilson and P McLean (19,) 71; R Wilson and James Mackie (20,) 73. Singles competition, leading scores; James Mackie (23,) 64; A Wilson (21,) 66; James Wilson (14,) 66; Robert Wilson (66,); Thomas Archibald (14,) 68; A Johnston (11,) 71;  B Duffin (18,) 74.

Result of the August 1936 monthly medal; J Wilson (13,) 72; B Duffin (18,) 74.

In the final of the club championship played in August 1937 R Wilson defeated J M Wilson 3 and 1.

The opening game of the season took place on Saturday April 16th 1938 with a Captain's versus Vice-Captain's match.

Captain   Vice-Captain  
A Wilson and Miss A Lockart 0 James Mackie and Mrs. Jas. L Wilson 1
A Johnston and Miss A Walker (half) 0 J M Wilson and Miss M Wilson (half) 0
W Cannon and Miss Mettie White (half) 0 A Fairley and T Russell (half) 0
R Wilson and Miss May Duncan (half) 0 James L Wilson and Miss A Duncan (half) 0
W Turnbull and Mrs R Wilson 1 Mr J Gibb 0
  1   1

Prizes given for the best two scores returned. The first prize was won by James Mackie and Mrs. James L Wilson; second prize was a tie with R Wilson and Miss May Duncan winning in a play off against James L Duncan and Miss A Duncan.

Result of the monthly medal June 1938; J M Wilson (7,) 69; James L Wilson (13,) 74; Robert McLean (24,) 76; A Wilson (11,) 76; A Youngson (17,) 78.

Winchburgh Golf Club, West Lothian. Location of the Faucheldean golf course.

Location of the Winchburgh course on Tippet Knowes.

Grid reference NT08125,74600, co-ordinates 308125,674600.