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Brodick Golf Club, Arran. (1897 -1913)

The Brodick Golf Club was founded 1897. 

The original Brodick nine-hole course was situated in an elevated position near Knowe and West Mayish. The course, with principal hazards of hedges, dykes and trees was designed by Jack Duncan of Glasgow for the Brodick Public Hall Company Ltd.

Report on the opening of the Brodick Golf Course from the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald on Friday 16th July 1897:-

"OPENING OF BRODICK GOLF COURSE – On Saturday afternoon in brilliant weather, Mr Robert McLelland, of Bell Bros. & McLelland, Shipowners, Glasgow, opened the golf course recently laid out at Brodick. There was a large turn-out of visitors and island folk, many ladies gracing the function.

Mr Patrick Murray opened the proceedings by presenting Mr McLelland with a handsome silver mounted cleek, accompanying the act with a few appropriate remarks.

Mr McLelland in acknowledging, thanked the committee of the club for the honour conferred on him, and through him upon the many visitors who like himself spend the summer months in this delightful spot on their charming island. He hoped the course, so beautifully situated, would be much played upon, and he felt sure it would materially add to the existing popularity of Brodick. Mr McLelland then drove off a capital ball amid the applause of the audience.

Mr R Hamilton of the Pier, moved a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Mc Lelland, and requested the visitors to take the golf course as another proof that Arranites are not mere land sharks, whose sole object is to extract as much as possible out of visitors without giving them anything in return. He hoped that both visitors and natives would feel at home on the course.

After the opening some interesting games were played over the course." 

Below, the opening of the first Brodick course on Saturday 10th July 1897.


Brodick Golf Club, Arran. Picture of the opening of the first course in July 1897.

On the tee at the 133 yard first hole.


The first competition for the medal presented to the club by the Lord Advocate took place on the new course in February 1898. There was a very strong wind making play difficult, result; A Brown, 60; J K Ritchie, 68; D Smith, 70. 

In July 1903 a competition was played for a gold badge presented by the captain, Donald Smith. Leading scores; William McCarfrae, 94-18-76; Donald Currie, 88-8-80; James Mather, 89-7-82; William Walker, jun., 90-8-82. The competition for the monthly medal presented by the Right Hon. A Graham Murray, K.C., M .P., was won by W McCarfrae, 99-18-81.  

In 1903/4 the secretary was G Laidler, Ivy Cottage, Brodick. The captain was D Smith and the green-keeper M Kerr. Amateur course record J D McIntyre, 33. Entrance fee was 10s/6d and subs 10/6. Visitors’ fees were; 1/- a day, 2/6 a week, 4/- a fortnight and 7/6 a month.

The following course description is taken from the Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook of 1904 – “The course is situated on the rising ground above the village of Brodick. The soil is on the heavy side, but, notwithstanding this, good lies are obtained, and the greens are good. The hazards consist of hedges, ditches, whin and rushes, and taken all over it is a good sporting course. There is a clubhouse about five minutes’ walk from the village and ten minutes from the pier” 

The competition for the Brodick Golf Club trophy was played In May 1909 in ideal weather. The winner was William Stewart, 87-11-76.

The winner of the June 1909 medal was Neil Shaw (8) 76. Also in June 1909 a competition for a smoker's set of pipes presented by Mr J T Brown of Glasgow took place, result; James Crawford (6) and John Cook (11,) 72; William McCarfrae (4) and Malcolm Kerr (4,) 73.

The final for the Captain's prize was played on Saturday 18th September 1909 when Neil Shaw (4) beat Malcolm Kerr (4.) The final monthly competition of the season was played, it was won by William McCarfrae, 70-4-66. He became the possessor of the gold badge which accompanied the cup.

Result of a mixed foursome competition played in July 1910; Miss McGillivray and Malcolm Kerr, 70; Miss A Brown and W  McCaffrey, and Mrs J T Brown and John Cook, 71: Mrs McCaffrey and William Stewart, 73.

Brodick Golf Club moved to its present location in 1913.


Brodick Golf Club, Arran. Location of the former course.

Location of the original course at Brodick


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Brodick golf course.