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Doon Valley Golf Club, Patna, East Ayrshire. (1927 - 2017) 

The club was founded in 1927. 

A nine-hole undulating parkland/ moorland course in the village of Patna, East Ayrshire. 

The club and course closed in March 2017. 

Alan McPherson is playing all of Scotland’s golf course to raise funds for Cancer Research. Alan played the Doon Valley course in May 2012. We would like to thank him for allowing us to use the link below for his report and information on the course.


Doon Valley Golf Club, Patna, East Ayrshire. Scorecard for the course.

Thanks to Douglas Mill for supplying the above scorecard.


Doon Valley Golf Club, Patna, East Ayrshire. View of the course.

View of the course.


Doon Valley Golf Club, Patna, East Ayrshire. Entry list for the final competition.

Entry list for the last competition to be played on the course.


The following message appeared on the club Facebook page in December 2016; “East Ayrshire Council: What are they actually doing in the Doon Valley? Everyone in the valley has been talking this past week about the closure of the Golf Course on March 31st 2017; from then on in there will be no more golf allowed. The club itself have not been informed by the council, however, the green-keeper staff were informed last Thursday 24th November 2016.

Why was the club committee not informed first and why have the club committee still not been informed by East Ayrshire Council as to what is happening still? Since the news broke last week we have contacted the council on numerous occasions but still await reply. This is a major talking point for the club as we still don't know what is actually happening to the club and still we await reply. Why? The way East Ayrshire Council has treated this club in the last few years has been nothing short of ridiculous.

As you can see from what is happening around our valley to the closures of games halls, libraries and many more public facilities in the area. It's apparent that East Ayrshire Council simply do not give a toss about the Doon Valley area.

The heart has been well and truly ripped from the Doon Valley area.”

The club closed on March 31st 2017.