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Loudoun Hill Golf Club, East Ayrshire. (1909 - 1925)

Founded in 1909.

In 1909/10 the secretary was J W Morton. The subscription for half a year was 10s/6d.

One of the early members was George M Young, 36 East Main Street, Darvel. His invoice for his subs, dated October 1909, showed that he was the “third member” and that he only paid half fees of 5s/3d.


Loudon Hill Golf Club, Ayrshire. Receipt for membership for George M Young 1909.

Above is the receipt for George M Young “third member” October 1909.


Report from the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald Friday 2 December 1910 - "GOLF DANCE - The members of the Loudoun Hill Golf Club held their first ball in the Town Hall on Friday evening last. Bailie Cleland occupied the chair, while a long programme, including the presentation of prizes, was carried out. The Lady Captain's prize presented by Mrs J E Gibson, was won by Miss Mary Aird, with Miss Ina Aird as runner-up. Mr James Clelland's prize was won by Miss Marion Smith, while Mr John Stirling's prize fell to Miss Grace Steele. In the gentlemen's competitions William McNair carried of the captain's prize, William Smith being runner-up. Mr W Duncan's prize was won by John Stirling, and Alex Smith and Dr. Service were the winners of a prize presented by Messrs Baxter and Greene." 


Loudon Hill Golf Club, Ayrshire. Postcard showing the second hole.

Image courtesy of Frank Accleton -


From 1911 to the outbreak of WW1 the professional was E MacIntosh.

In the mid 1920s the Loudoun Hill Golf Club closed and many members joined the Loudoun Gowf Club.

Thanks to Archie Frame and Robert W Young for their contributions regarding Loudoun Hill (2004).

Archie Frame: “May I advise that there was a nine hole course at Loudoun Hill some 2 miles east of  Darvel just on the right going east, beside the Darvel Strathaven Road overlooking Loudoun Hill, a unique rocky rise. There was a railway station there, now non existent. I think the course was in existence before the First World War and closed near the start of the second. My father was a member and I was a very young junior member, so young that I only remember being taken there once or twice”

Mr Robert W Young supplied the following information: “Around 1900 a railway line was constructed between Darvel and Strathaven and a railway station was established at Loudoun Hill. Great plans were envisaged for this area such as the complexes at Gleneagles and Turnberry but none came to fruition as the railway proved unprofitable. A golf course was set up however between the railway station and the old Roman Fort which has now disappeared due to sand and gravel extraction. I can remember people who played there and believe it shut down around 1920 when the golfers went to Loudoun Gowf Club which incidentally is the only GOWF club in the world”.