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Carlops Golf Club, Borders. (1896 - WW1)

The formation of a club for Carlops was reported in the Edinburgh Evening News on May 28th 1896.

The course was laid out to the north of Carlops near Patieshill. It was reported that the course at the time was in a “rough condition” but this would improve the more people played over it. The course was to be formally opened on June 18th with an amateur tournament.

Following is hole by hole description of the course “In playing the first and second hole the ground slopes to the right. The third hole is uphill, and driving back to the wall on the north of the fourth hole, a short one is reached. The fifth hole possesses a very formidable hazard in the shape of a stretch of marsh, and to reach the sixth needs a return drive uphill. The seventh hole is hidden from view from the tee and lies in a hollow. On the tee at the eighth a magnificent view of the country to the south and southeast is got. One good drive brings the player to the eighth hole, and playing back in line with the first tee reaches the home hole.  


Carlops Golf Club, Borders. Course layout.

Above is the layout of the Carlops course.


Length of the holes as follows; Hole One, 420 yards; Two, 230 yards; Three, 200 yards; Four, 180 yards; Five, 270 yards; Six, 310 yards; Seven, 280 yards; Eight, 160 yards; Nine, 220 yards.