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Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries & Galloway. (1905 - WW2)

Interesting report below on the proposed formation of a club at Stranraer in September 1881.


Stranraer Golf Club. Report on the formation of a club in September 1881.

Galloway Advertiser and Wigtownshire Free Press Thursday 8 September 1881. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The club was founded in 1905.

The initial nine-hole course was laid out by Willie Fernie.

It was later extended to 18-holes. A hilly seaside testing course with excellent greens, the course was always kept in first class condition. The clubhouse was not licensed in the early years although food was available. Sunday play was not permitted. Membership was 160 prior to WW1 rising to 300 by WW2. The station was a 5 minute walk away. Local hotels were the Kings Arms, George and Milton House.

Report from The Scotsman Thursday April 12 1906; “Yesterday afternoon the course of the newly-formed Stranraer Golf Club was opened in delightful weather by Viscount Dalrymple, M.P., and Viscountess Dalrymple, and an exhibition match took place between Willie Fernie, Troon, and Dan Kenny, the club professional. The course is of nine-holes, and the ground, which has some natural advantages, was laid out by Fernie, and in due time will make a fine sporting course. Lord Dalrymple delivered a brief speech, and Lady Dalrymple drove off the first ball.”


Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries and Galloway. Early picture of the Stranraer clubhouse.

Early picture of the clubhouse.


Below is the result of the first match played by Stranraer Ladies. It was against Newton Stewart Ladies in June 1909.

Stranraer Ladies' Golf Club   Newton Stewart Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs John Bonnoch 1 Miss Cunliffe 0
Miss Annie Campbell 1 Mrs Gordon 0
Miss Louie Dorman 1 Miss Carson 0
Miss Whyte 0 Miss Gifford 1
Miss Stella Whyte 0 Miss McDavid 1
Miss Carrie Greig 0 Miss McLean 1
Mrs Conacher 0 Miss Hamilton 1
Miss V Carnochan 0 Miss Kerr 1
Miss Janie Bradford 0 Mrs Stroyan 1
Miss Smith 0 Miss May McCormick 1
  3   7


Stranraer Golf Club. Proposed course extension in September 1911.


Stranraer Golf Club. Proposed course extension in September 1911.

From the Scotsman Tuesday 26 September 1911. Image © Johnston Press plc.


In May 1913 Mr A McParker, the club secretary, holed in one at the 128 yard “Gully Hole” with a mashie iron.

In 1914 entry fees for gents was £1/1/0; there was no entry fee for ladies. Subs for both ladies and gents were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6d a week 10/- a month.


Stranraer Golf Club. Result of a match played at Stranraer against Larne in 1923.

From the Ballymena Observer Friday September 7 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1925 visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day, 6/- a week, 9/- a fortnight and 15/- a month.

In 1930/40 visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6d a week, 12/6d a fortnight and £1 a month.

Winners of the L.G.U medals in March 1931; Silver Medal – Miss Ruby Lamb (15); Bronze Medal – Mrs William (26.)


Stranraer Golf Club. Results from the Wigtownshire Ladies Championship June 1934.

From the Scotsman Monday 11 June 1934. Image © Johnston Press plc.


From the mid 1930s to closure the 18-hole course had a SSS of 68 and Par 69.

Result of the June 1935 monthly medal; Andrew Hannay (5) 72; John McFadzean (12) 73; A W Mackay (3) 74; S Boyd (14) 75.

Result of four ball handicap played in August 1938; Tom Kerr & Alexander Stewart (8), 67; A K Donaldson & J Stanley McKail (scratch), 70; E G Paton & J G Carver (+4) and John Carswell & William Colthart (12), 74; Geo Park & J S Boyd (+2), D Jardine & James Hutchison (3) and James McRobbie & Ian Hendry (6), 75. 

The death was announced in March 1940 of solicitor Mr Alexander McCulloch Parker. He was one of the founders of Stranraer Golf Club and was secretary for 16 years, retiring from the post in 1934.

  Secretary Professional/green keeper
1914 Alexander McCulloch Parker. J Murray (g)
1925 A McParker, Solicitor, Stranraer. R F Gordon (p) A Cain (g)
1930s A Buchanan, Clydesdale Bank Ltd.  
1930s/40 E G Paton, Commercial Bank of Scotland. R F Gordon (p) T Morrison (g)


  Course records
1930 J M Robertson (am) 68
1930s H McNally (am) 66 R Gordon (pro) 67



Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries & Galloway. View of the former golf course.

The earlier Stranraer course. Postcard by Percy F Taplin, 34 George Street, Stranraer. Henderson’s Series.


Thanks to Dr. Douglas Lockhart for the pictures of the former clubhouse with its terrace and fine sea view. The pictures were taken on a lovely late autumn day in 2019. The building is now a bar/restaurant.


Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries and Galloway. Pictures of the former clubhouse taken in autumn 2019.


Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries and Galloway. Pictures of the former clubhouse taken in autumn 2019.


Stranraer Golf Club, Dumfries & Galloway. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the original Stranraer course. Grid reference NX07815,61285, co-ordinates 207815,561285.



Stranraer Golf Club relocated to its present site following WWII.

Thanks to Harry Gibbs for providing the following information in 2004: “Stranraer Golf Club was closed at the start of the war, approximately Spring 1940. It was taken over by the army and became a transit camp for service personnel travelling to Ireland. The course was located on the east side of the town on the Cairnryan Road parallel to the sea shore but separated from it by the main road to Glasgow, the course was completely built over with army huts. The course was eighteen holes divided by a lane called Ladies Walk. Since I was only twelve years old at the time I did not play golf so I can tell you little about it as a golf course. However I did walk around it many times looking for golf balls. After the war the land was taken over for private housing and has now been completely built over. The original clubhouse is still standing and is in use as a private residence. Stranraer Golf Club built a completely new course on the other side of town”.

Thanks also to Donnie Nelson for providing further information on the location of the original course; “Stranraer's original golf course was divided by a roadway called McMaster's Road.  The Ladies' Walk, parallel to that road, was the western boundary to the enlarged course and separated the links from the clubhouse.  The first nine-hole course was to the east of McMaster's Road and when the course was enlarged the ground to the west of that road and stretching to the Ladies' Walk was taken in to make up the 18-hole links.”