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Whithorn Golf Club, Dumfries & Galloway. (1893 - WW2)

Thanks to Frank Accleton for providing the following information regarding Whithorn “The Course at Kidsdale (near St Ninians Cave) was described as thus (it was) on rising ground between Portcastle Bay & Smirle Wood, the highest point of which is over 200ft above sea level, commanding exstensive views over Luce Bay, the Rhins of Galloway, the Isle of Man and the Irish Coast."Portcastle is a ruin situated on the South East of Physgill and the Smirle Wood lies between Physgill Glen and Tonderghie.The first Golf Club in the Machars was Whithorn, the self - styled "Whithorn Royal & Ancieny Golf Club".

On April 13th 1893, the first recorded match was held between The "Batchelors" and The "Benedict's" (Single & Married Men) which the latter won.

In May 1893 a Gold Medal was presented to the Club by Mr William Stewart of Lochgilpilhead for competition, a beautiful specimen of the goldsmith's art. This first ever medal competition duly took place on Saturday October 9th, and was fully reported in the Free Press. The Club had 15 members of whom 6 entered after 3 rounds of 9 holes Mr Burns of the Isle was declared winner. Captain Hugh Stewart asked Miss Bessie Nicholson to present the winner with the Gold Medal.

In 1894 the first Inter Club Match took place against Ardwell Golf Club.

Result of the 1938 June monthly medal; W Wilson, 63net; J W Gutcher, 66net.

Result of the May 1939 monthly medal; J McCutcheon (22) 70; J McAllister (22) 72.  

Whithorn Golf Club, Dumfies and Galloway. Golf course location.

Map of the Whithorn course from the 1920/30s.

Grid reference NX45230,40160, co-ordinates 245230,540160.