Golf de la Gaichel, Hobscheid. (1989 – 2016)

The cross-border golf course at Gaichel was founded by René Jacquemin in the Luxembourg municipality of Hobscheid, close to the Belgian border. The founders aim was to set up a golf club that was not elitist and where a family atmosphere would prevail.

The course was first enlarged from three to six holes, and then in 1995 to obtain its final form as a 9-hole course. With two greens (No. 3 and 4) as well as two tees (No.4 and 5) on Belgian soil, the course was one of only a few true international cross-border golf courses, where the golfer would play from Luxembourg to Belgium on hole No. 3 and then back from Belgium to Luxembourg on hole No.5.

At one time this nine-hole course was one of the six golf clubs affiliated to the Luxembourg Golf Federation.During its prime time, the club had as many as 350 members but the number of members had been in steady decline during the years before 2016 basically because of steadily increasing competition through newly opened full-size 18-hole golf courses in the region - not only in Luxembourg, but also in the whole region.

Unfortunately and as the course was located in a valley bordering a specially protected green zone an extension to 18 holes was not possible. In addition, complicated ownership of the land would have rendered an extension really difficult.

Therefore, in January 2016 the owner of the course took the decision to close the Gaichel golf course after 25 years of operation.

"Due to the lack of enough members to carry out the activity as we see fit, we decided to stop," confirmed Patrick Schmit, head of the club, at

"We made the decision in a friendly context with our members who understand our decision," adds Patrick Schmit. The Gaichel Golf Club always relied on the proximity of the hotel of the same name to complement its sports offer with upscale catering.

The area previously used for the golf course is now once again leased to farmers and horse owners as pasture.


Golf de la Gaichel, Hobscheid. Scorecard for the Gaichel golf course.


Golf de la Gaichel, Hobscheid. Course layout for the Gaichel golf club.


Golf de la Gaichel, Hobscheid. Scorecard for the Gaichel golf course.


Golf de la Gaichel, Hobscheid. Picture of the Gaichel golf course.

Scorecard, planner and picture of the Gaichel golf course.


Christoph Meister.

November 2018.