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Golf Klub Beograd. (1936 – 1940) 

The golf course was opened as one of the first ones in former Kingdom of Yugoslavia 31 May 1936.During the official opening ceremony Prince Paul Karađorđević read and signed the founding document called "Povelja“ in the presence of the diplomatic corps as well as the political and social Elite of Beograd followed with by a prayer:- 

“In the name of Father, Son and Saint spirit during government of King Petar II, King of Yugoslavia his royalty Prince Paule, members of royal goverment Dr. Radenko Stanković and Dr Ivo Perović as supporters of GK Belgrade we have mission to start and develop game of golf in our country. We are giving our blessing and permission to build golf course and club house on Košutnjak “. 

The golf course at Košutnjak had 9-holes and it was built by James Carter & Co. whereas the clubhouse was designed by architect Mr. Aleksandar M. Đorđević and it was a very representative building for that period in Belgrade. Both design and construction were done under the instructions of Prince Paul Karađorđević. 

The images below of the scorecard and the annual report from 1938 are courtesy of Mirjana Hendija.


Golf Klub Beograd. Picture of the golf course scorecard.


Golf Klub Beograd. Picture of the 1938 annual report.


In 1939 a set of additional tees to be played during the second half-round was constructed. The 1939 Golfer’s Handbook gives the information that G. Slitch is the secretary and that the golf course of 9 holes is 4 miles away from Belgrade station. 

Unfortunately, the club had to close at the beginning of World War II. 

What remains until today is the name of the urban neighbourhood of Belgrade “Golf Naselje” (Serbian Cyrillic: Голф Насеље)in the municipality of Čukarica. It is here that a restaurant was built on top of Košutnjak in 1930. It was designed by Dragiša Brašovan, as a rustic edifice with cellar, ground floor and a loft. The main façade, facing the garden, is made of 5 large, arched, glassed openings. The middle arch serves as door between the winter salon and summer garden. The main entrance into the restaurant is built on the side of the building.


Golf Klub Beograd. Picture of the Restaurant Golf from the 1970s.

Picture above of the "Restaurant Golf" from the 1970s is courtesy of Christoph Meister.


In 1936, the golf course was built around the restaurant though giving it the name “Restaurant Golf”.

The building was restored in 1946. It was originally used as the children's vacation and recuperation facility and restaurant. The building was then taken over by the Hospitality Management Chamber which adapted it into the pre-service training facility for the Master’s School in 1955. As the number of students increased, three classrooms were annexed to the building as well as 18 guest rooms and the great hall which continues into the terrace. In 1960 the institution was renamed Catering School and became part of the Catering Educational Centre in 1963. Students were moved from the boarding rooms in Zeleni Venac into the restaurant in 1975, but the school moved out from the restaurant completely in 1978, which then continued as a hospitality and catering venue of its own. 

We wish to thank Mirjana Hendija for the information provided on the history of Golf Klub Beograd and we also thank Damir Ritosa for connecting us with Mirjana. 

Christoph Meister

May 2021 

The Google Map below shows the location of the Restaurant Golf and former golf course.