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Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. (1938 - 1946)

During the autumn of 1938 plans were made by the club officials of Golf-Club Merseburg-Leuna to relocate to Bad Dürrenberg, 25km west of Leipzig. In collaboration with the spa town administration at Bad Dürrenberg construction was started on a 9-hole golf course designed by the German golf course architect Bernhard von Limburger. Due to the outbreak of WW2 it took more time than previously expected to lay out the course.

Meanwhile the old course at Merseburg-Leuna was closed on September 24, 1939.

In June 1940 Golf-Club Bad Dürrenberg, as the club was now called, officially opened their new 9-hole golf course in the presence of Bernhard von Limburger. By April 1942 the club had lost 10 members compared to the previous year’s figure and membership was now at 116. Some holes were closed by this time and were being used for harvesting hay. The golf professional, Willy Becker, was fighting in the war.

By 1946 the club had ceased to exist and the land had fallen under the land reform (“Bodenreform”) with the club house now being made available for the free German trade union federation.

During Eastern German times a public swimming pool was built on what used to be the ninth fairway. In general the area has remained unchanged and undeveloped and it would be quite easy to reopen the golf course at Bad Dürrenberg. So far unsuccessful attempts have been made by locals to re-establish the golf club.

Today one can enjoy a cold drink and some food in the clubhouse, now called “Neptunklause” ( ).


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. The "Golfhaus" sign.

The sign for the “Golfhaus” nowadays.


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. The clubhouse.

The clubhouse.


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. Course layout.

Layout and measurement of the nine-hole course.


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. The first green in 1941.

The first green in 1941.


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. The fourth green in 1941.

The fourth green in 1941.


The Google Map below shows the location of the former course.


Bad Dürrenberg Golf Club. Google Map of the area.