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Bad Lausick Golf and Tennis Club, Saxony. (1935 - 1945)

In the 1939 edition of the yearbook of the German Golf Federation it confirms that a Tennis and Golf Club Bad Lausick, founded 1935, had just become member of the Federation operating a short golf course (Pitch & Putt). The course was situated just north east of the corner Badstrasse and Parkstrasse in Bad Lausick, some 30km south-east of Leipzig.


Bad Lausick Golf and Tennis Club. Stadtplan von Bad Lausick.

Stadtplan von Bad Lausick.


Bad Lausick Golf and Tennis Club. View of the Bad Lausick golf course.

The Bad Lausick Golf Course.


Bad Lausick Golf and Tennis Club. General views of Bad Lausic.

Bad Lausick general views.


Little has been found regarding this golf club and course and it is thought that it had closed by 1945.