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Berliner Golf Club, Nedlitz near Potsdam. (1928 - 1939)

John S.F. Morrison designed the 18-hole golf course at Nedlitz near Potsdam between 1928 and 1930 for the newly founded Berliner Golf-Club von 1928. At the time of the opening the course was the longest 18-hole golf course in Germany playing over 6.021m from the regular tees and 6.221m from back tees.


Berliner Golf Club, Nedlitz near Potsdam. Layout of the Berliner Golf Club course.

Course layout


Given the restricted area at the architect’s disposal it was quite an achievement to fit such a long course into the available site and at the same time to create such an interesting layout. And all that without having any crossing fairways. The seventeenth, a 150m Par3, was the most attractive of the short holes. The ball had to be played through a gap between the trees carrying over a small pond onto a green well bunkered to the left and the right. 

The course contained only one par-5 (fifteenth  hole at  501m), but a long finishing par-4 at 435m and another  four par-4 holes measuring more than 390m. One of them was the somewhat special the 394m par 4 twelfth with an uphill fairway from the tee. The golf course at Nedlitz was closed in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II when the army requisitioned the land and the course never opened again as by 1945 Nedlitz was then part of the soviet occupied zone and later became part of the German Democratic republic. Today a street called “Am Golfplatz” as well as the clubhouse are all that remain as a reminder.


Berliner Golf Club, Nedlitz near Potsdam. The Berliner Golf Club Clubhouse.


Berliner Golf Club, Nedlitz near Potsdam. A recent picture of the clubhouse.


Berliner Golf Club, Nedlitz near Potsdam. Golf Signpost.