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Breslau Golf Club (now Wroclaw Poland). (1927 - 1933)

In 1927 a new golf club was founded in the lower-Silesian capital of Breslau (today: Wroclaw, Poland) A 9-hole course was laid out by the then 26-year old three-time German Closed Championship winner Bernhard von Limburger, who later in life designed famous German Championship courses such as Club zur Vahr at Garlstedt or Düsseldorf-Hubbelrath. 

One of the most interesting holes at Breslau was the 90m Par 3 4th hole, where the player had to cross not one, but three different race tracks in order to reach the well-bunkered hole. The complete layout of the course was quite difficult as space was restricted due to the surroundings of the race course. 

There is a first entry for a golf course in Breslau in the Golfer’s Handbook 1929, which mentions a Breslau Golf club on the racecourse at Breslau-Hartlieb (Polish: Partynice): The Club has 98 members and Prof. W. Bruck, Reichspraesidentenplatz 17, was club secretary. Professional player was A.E. Gregory, who is at the same time was professional at Bad Salzbrunn. The Breslau course consisted of nine holes and the Green-fees were 3 marks per day and 10 marks per week. 

In 1930 the membership goes down to 91 and the professional player was Paul Bessner, a native from the Bavarian Spa town of Bad Kissingen in Germany where Golf was played since 1911. 

Club secretary now is Landrat Bachmann at Weidenstrasse 15. A.E. Gregory holds the course record with 72 strokes for 18 holes. The 1931 yearbook of the German Golf Union (DGV) indicates a membership of 84 for 1931, whereas the 1932 Plumon Guide indicates the course distance from the town centre is 5 miles.

In 1933 the membership decreased to 66 and the German magazine “Golf” (Nr. 6, 1933) states that the Golf-Club Breslau has ceased to exist, because the golf course had been closed down by the official authorities. The reason remains unknown. 

According to the 1935, 1936 and 1937 German Golf Union yearbooks the course remained closed, even though a certain lawyer Dr. N. Fischer at Gartenstrasse 47, II in Breslau 5 was still president (“Clubführer”)

German golf magazines from 1936 and 1937 indicated that due to the lack of a golf course in Breslau members of the Breslau Golf club are playing in Bad Salzbrunn. The 1939 yearbook of the German Golf Union states that a new golf course is being planned and the current membership is 15.


Breslau Golf Club. Plan of the course.

Plan of the course.


Below is the racecourse at Partynice.