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Golf-und Land Club Rabenstein, Chemnitz. 

According to an article by the “Chemnitzer Tageblatt” dating October 7th 1928 J.S.F. Morrison was the architect of the new 9-hole course at Chemnitz-Rabenstein in Central Saxony. This was to be the second golf course in the Chemnitz area as another golf course, home of the Chemnitzer Golf-Club Plaue-Floeha was already in existence. The course at Rabenstein opened in August 1929. There was a very modern state of the art irrigation system for every green, the extension to 18-holes was already planned and the club possessed a country club style private swimming pool which was still in existence in the early 2000s under the name “Golfbad” (see picture). The membership of the club was predominantly if not exclusively Jewish, with the exception of the Herfurth family who owned the land the golf course was constructed on.  

The world economic crisis of the early 1930s was hitting the Chemnitz area hard and the club was never able to fully pay back the debts incurred during the construction of the golf course and the club house. Bankruptcy was declared by the end of 1931 after only three seasons of golf at Chemnitz-Rabenstein. The golf course closed down for ever. All that remains today is the Bauhaus-style clubhouse designed by Chemnitz based architect Max W. Feistel. Today this house is privately owned.


Golf- und Land Club Rabenstein, Chemnitz. The clubhouse.


Golf- und Land Club Rabenstein, Chemnitz. The clubhouse and course.


Golf- und Land Club Rabenstein, Chemnitz. The Swimming Pool.