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Heiligendamm Golf and Sportclub. (1924 - WW2)

My first trip to Heiligendamm was in January 2002. It only took me a few minutes to find the former clubhouse and a stone marked “1924” the year a 10-hole golf course was opened at Heiligendamm just on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The club house built in a so-called Swiss style still resembled much to the old pictures.

The first German Golf Course on the Baltic Sea was constructed by Berlin based Major F.W. Fahrenholtz who had complete freedom concerning the routing of the holes on the land given to the golfers by the local Heiligendamm administration.

In 1929 Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee took over Heiligendamm founding the Golf- und Sport-Club Heiligendamm. The golf course was now a sort of summer golf course for the Berliners with one of their former golf professionals, Georg Lange, teaching at Heiligendamm during summer months.

The existence of the golf course was secured when in 1932 Duke Adolf Friedrich zu Mecklenburg took over as president of the Golf- und Sport-Club Heiligendamm, now operating independently from Berlin-Wannsee. During that time noble golfers like the Queen of Denmark as well as the German crown princess were often spotted on the fairways of Heiligendamm. German boxing idol Max Schmeling was also a regular golfing guest.  


Heiligendamm Golf and Sportclub. Course layout.

Course layout.


We do not know for sure when exactly the last round of golf was played at Heiligendamm, but it is thought that with the outbreak of the Second World War golf was no longer played here. Today cows are grazing on what used to be the royal and noble fairways of Heiligendamm.

C. Meister 10/2014.


Heiligendamm Golf and Sportclub. The clubhouse and course.


Heiligendamm Golf and Sportclub. On the course.


Heiligendamm Golf and Sportclub. The tenth green,

In the centre of the above picture is the so-called Crimea with the 10th island green. (Christoph Meister.)


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Heiligendamm clubhouse.

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