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Wilhelmshaven Golf Club (early course), Rüstringen. (1912 - 1934) 

In the summer of 1912 a golf club was founded in Wilhelmshaven mainly by officers of the German Navy. The club soon had 95 members even though the game of golf was relatively unknown and was considered to be an expensive pastime. A course of nine-holes was laid out at Wilhelmshaven-Rüstringen. His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Prussia, a member of the club, donated a large mower. The course was flat with obstacles consisting of ditches and ramparts.

(The French Plumon Golf Guide published an entry in its 1931 edition with a reference to a Golf Club at Wilhelmshaven-Rüstringen founded in 1908!?) 

In 1913 the board of the golf club consisted exclusively of members of the Imperial Navy.

In 1914 the club became a member of the German Golf Union. The course at Rüstringen in Oldenburg (today part of Wilhelmshaven) was 1.800m long and consisted of 9-holes. The Bogey was 35 and the course was 5 minutes from the tram station Hegelstrasse. There was a clubhouse as well as changing rooms for gentlemen and ladies.

The club had closed by 1915.

The first reference for the club following the war was an entry in the 1927 Golfer’s Handbook where it continued to be listed until 1934.

The Navy Officers organised the running of the club. It was listed as a six-hole course; the green-keeper was Mr Fritz. The secretary was frigate captain Schroeder, Rüstringen, Hegelstr. Telephone number 2, Fortress Headquarters 5th.  

So it seems that golf was played at Rüstringen between 1927 and 1934.

The final entry in the French Plumon Golf Guide was in 1932.

Report on a new course in March 1934.


Wilhelmshaven Golf Club (early club/course) Report on a new course in March 1934.

The Scotsman Saturday 10 March 1934. Image © Johnston Press plc.