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Münchener (Munich) Golf Club, München-Freimann. (1910 - 1938)


The first golf course in Bavaria was designed by North Berwick born golf professional Robert Bob Murray at Munich-Freimann. Following is a description of the nine-hole course (from the “Scotsman”, “Golf in Munich”, 21.9.1909 – with thanks to Melvyn Morrow).

 “The turf is of excellent quality, unsurpassed in Germany, according to expert opinion, and two of the holes extend to more than 600 yards. Arrangements have been made to form artificial bunkers, and these with the natural hazards, provided by stony roads to deal with erratic strokes and by elevated roads to dispose of topped balls, will ensure a genuinely sporting course. At the fourth and fifth holes the difficulties consist of a very extensive bunker, rather resembling “Pandy” at Musselburgh, and this must be negotiated twice – once by the drive, where a long carry is rewarded by a good lie in safe country, and again with the iron shot approaching to the green, On the whole the links must be pronounced sufficiently varied and difficult to satisfy the most ardent sportsman, and the Bavarian Golf Club will be a distinct acquisition to the charms of this gay and cultured city” 


Münchener Golf Club. Layout of the former nine-hole course.

Above is the layout of the former Munich nine-hole course.


During the late 1930s the course had to make way for the construction of an army barracks. The lease on the land expired in February 1940. By 1942 all that remained of the original Munich Golf Course was the club house and a practice green. The clubhouse was eventually destroyed by allied bombs.


Münchener Golf Club. The clubhouse and course.

Above is the former Munich clubhouse and course.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course.