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Mendola Golf Club. (1927 - WW2)

Mendola Golf Club. (Mendelpass)

Still today one of the main skiing areas at Passo della Mendola is called “Prati di Golf” (Golffields). The golf course, which was a seasonal course, opened during the summer months. Golf was first played at Passo della Mendola or Mendelpass (the alpine pass is the language border between German and Italian) in 1927 when a nine-hole course was laid out at an altitude of 1.400m on the Italian side of the pass. The course was 2.187 yards (approx. 2.000m) long containing several crossing fairways due to the restricted area of the land available for the golf course.

Christian Arnoldner, the leading Austrian Golf Historian, reported that “The club, which before the Second World War had about 40 members, did not survive the war. After the war, timid and unsuccessful attempts were made to reopen the golf course. The spa Mendola was not installed again. The Catholic Church took over the grounds and dedicated it to social services. The teeing areas of the old golf course are partly still visible.”


Mendola Golf Club. Course layout.

Course layout.


Mendola Golf Club. The course.

View of the course.


Mendola Golf Club. The seventh hole.

The 125 yard seventh hole.