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Cortina d'Ampezzo Golf Course. (1920s - 1960s)

There was a golf course opened during the 1920s which was attached to the Hotel Miramonti (the hotel still exists today.) The course continued into the 1930s, it probably finished with the onset of WW2. It’s unlikely that the club was affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation.

Although there are few records regarding the course it was mentioned in the eleventh edition of “Golf in the sun all the year round in Southern England and on the Continent” published in 1930/31.


Cortina d'Ampezzo Golf Club. The golf course in the 1930s.

The postcard above shows the earlier course amongst the stunning scenery.


The 1953 yearbook of the Associazione Golffistica Italina (now F.I.G. Federazione Italiana Golf) states that a Golf Club Miramonti (Cortina d'Ampezzo) founded 1939 was still in existence. The 9-hole course measured 2,090m and had a Par of 34. Conte Ugucciono Della Gherardesca is the club president, while Franco Cricco is the secretary and Rodolfo Gallo the professional. There are tournaments being played between July 11th and September 12th 1953.

The Miramonti Golf Club appears in the Golfer’s Handbook during the 1950s and 1960s.

The following is from the Golfer’s Handbook 1957; Secretary – R Manalgo, Miramonti Majestic Hotel, Cortina; Professional – R Gallo; Green-keeper – A Martini; Course records – Amateur, Dott. E Rammazzotti, 33; Professional, R Gallo, 27; 9-holes measuring 2,090 yards.

The 1960 Golfer's Handbook indicates that Miramonti Golf Club was founded in 1932 and had 50 members. Secretary is E.Mayr and R. Gallo the professional. The course of 9 holes is 2.080 yards (? - meters) long with a S.S.S. of 62. R.Gallo holds the course record with 26 strokes (for 9 holes). Season 1st July to 15th September; special fees for visitors staying at Miramont Majestic Hotel. 

The last entry is to be found in the 1970 Golfer's Handbook but seems to be a repetitive entry giving information from previous years, so that one can presume the course club closed down sometimes in the 1960s.

"The current course was started in 2008 and has recently opened. It occupies areas of land used by the earlier course.”