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Argelès-Gazost Golf Club, Pyrénées-Orientales (66). (1890 - WW1)

Founded in 1890 the club had a membership of 60 in 1910. Pierre Deschamps, usually considered as a sound source of information described it as a nine-hole course (which is possible in the early years). But Massy referred to it as an eighteen-hole course, providing more detailed information making his description more accurate*. The total length of the course was 5,650 yards.

Sir Everard Hambro - who was prominent in the development of the career of Massy and helped him significantly – was president of the club.

Competition result from May 1895.


Argelès-Gazost Golf Club, Pyrénées-Orientales (66). Competition result from May 1895.



In 1905 the secretary was J Peyrafitte, Hôtel de France, and the captain, Lord Kilmain. Nine-holes.

*Also consistent with the information provided by the German “DGV Jahrbuch” in 1914. 

The following is taken from "Le Golf" by Arnaud Massy 1911 - "Since 1890, Argelès-Gazost has possessed the most picturesque golf course. Located in the delightful Argelès valley, the links is based on admirable soil, as it consists of natural grass, extending into wide lawns on partly sandy soil allowing play on all weather and providing natural drainage, so important for golf courses. The links is a collaboration between several amateurs and professionals from Argelès, Biarritz and Pau who plotted out the links.The course totals a length of 5650 yards and covers an area of 99 cares (an English acre is around 0.40 hectares). The course has 18 holes, the length of which varies between 140 and 400 metres and which are protected by "accidents" and "banks" which mercilessly punish any bad or deflected ball. Water features, thickets and undulating ground increase the interest of the game. We should add that the putting greens and tees are absolutely faultless.

The best results obtained in recent championships are as follows ;In 1908 by Captain Maul of Biarritz GC, first round 72; In 1908 by Jean Gassiat of Baden-Baden, Germany, first round 70; In 1909 by M W Chapman of Pau GC, first round 76; In 1909 by M Cunningham, Golf Cclub professional, first round 72; In 1910, by F F Jameson of Pau GC, first round 67. 

Sir Everard Hambro, who is the loyal president of Argelès-Gazost GC is also one of the most prominent personalities of English golf clubs, and his influence, activity, as well as technical advice have contributed much to the development and prosperity of Argelès Golf Club." 


Argelès-Gazost Golf Club, Pyrénées-Orientales. Article from The Sketch April 1914.

From The Sketch Wednesday 1 April 1914.Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Players on the Argelès-Gazost Golf Club course.