Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C) (78). (1923 - WW2)

To the west of Paris is the city of Aubergenville. Just prior to WW1 a small group of golf enthusiasts got together and played in a haphazard fashion on a few holes they made themselves. It was never considered as a true golf club.

However, the idea was there, the location was good, and the Sporting Club de France decided to construct a golf course.


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C) (78). Golf course layout.

Course layout.


 On October 6th 1923, the Aubergenville Country Club was inaugurated. It was located in a place called Elizabethville in honour of the Belgian Queen (who took refuge there during the Great War). The Honorary President was S E le Baron Gaiffier d’Hestroy, ambassador of Belgium; the elected president was le Comte de Montgomery, and the vice-president, le Duc de Mouchy (who was then the President of the French Golf Union). Under the supervision of Mr Serond, landscape architect, the course was quickly extended eighteen holes. The seventeenth century castle was refurbished and was used as the clubhouse. During the war, as in so many places, the course was used for the growing of potatoes. The club never reopened.   


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C). Putting on the Elizabethville golf course.


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C). View from one of the tees.

Views of the Elizabethville golf course.


Tere is an entry in the 1947 Golfer’s Handbook for Eli(s)abethville Golf club, Aubergenville, telephone number 18. The secretary was S Morrisot; the professional, L Daitil and the green-keeper A Rueille. Eighteen holes. There was a membership of 120. Visitors’ fees were 25 francs a day.

Perhaps an effort was made to rebuild the club and course following the war. Or, it could be, and this is more likely, that The Golfer’s Handbook were using the records provided just prior to WW2, this was not uncommon. 


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C) (78). The first tee.

On the first tee.


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C) (78). The ninth green

The ninth green.


Aubergenville Country Club (Elizabethville G C) (78). The eighteenth green.

The eighteenth green.