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Deauville Golf Club, Calvados (14). (1899 - WW2)

In Normandy, Deauville had been made a very attractive city since the mid nineteenth century. In 1899 the prince de Poix, with the help of count Florian de Kergorlay and Mr Robert Hennessy, created one of the first golf clubs in France which was initiated by French players!

Two courses were laid out; an 18-hole course of 5,100 yards and a short nine hole course for the ladies. It soon became an important club in the region, attracting many Brits. In 1911 when the count Antoine de Gontaut-Biron was the president the club had 240 members. Dominique Coussies was the professional before WW1. Following the war Arnaud Massy was professional for a short time.

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1900; Membership of 200; Hon. Sec. – M Batut, 3 Rue du Cercle, Deauville; Captain, Mr Ridgeway; Professional, Dominique Coussies (Pau Golf Club); Number of holes 18, Ladies 9; Subs 60frs a year and 20frs per week.


Deauville Golf Club, Calvados. Postcard showing the earlier golf course.

Image courtesy of Frank Accleton.


The club recovered following the Great War. Unfortunately the ladies lost their course but the club continued to grow and there were 350 members in 1925. With the 18-hole course only measuring 5,100 yards it was considered far too short according to the new standards. 


Deauville Golf Club, Calvados. Duchesse de Decazes presenting the silver cup to Duc de Mouchy.

Duchesse de Decazes presenting the silver cup to Duc de Mouchy (winner of the golf competition) at Deauville in 1921. Source BnF.


Deauville Golf Club, Calvados. Silver cup presented by Sport Universel of Deauville.

Silver cup presented by Sport Universel of Deauville to the winner of a golf tournament. Duchesse Decazes, Mme de Dupre, Marquise St Sauveur in 1921. Source BnF.


Deauville Golf Club, Calvados. Players on the tee.

On the tee at Deauville.


Attached to the Deauville-Clairefontaine racecourse, the Old Course disappeared during the Second World War, destroyed by German troops who were trying to recover the sand on which it extended for the construction of the batteries of Mount Canisy. 

The "New Golf Club" at Deauville was inaugurated in 1929 on the heights of Deauville. The Marquis of Lassay had once built a castle there for Mademoiselle de Montpensier.
The second golf course at Deauville The "New Course"  was laid out by Tom Simpson, after his work at Chantilly (1909), Fontainebleau (1909), Morfontaine (1913) and Chiberta (1925). The club consisted of two courses, with 18 holes and 9 holes.


Deauville "New" Golf Club, Calvados. Deauville Hotel du Golf before WW2.

Deauville Hotel du Golf et le New-Golf pre-WW2.


Deauville "New" Golf Club, Calvados. Terrace du New Golf before WW2.

Terrace du New Golf pre-WW2.


The course closed at the time of WW2 and was used as a camp by British troops. 

Following the war the golf course was transformed into a horse racing course.

In 1964 the golf course was restored to a design by the former British golf champion Henry Cotton. A ruin of the castle built by the Marquis de Lassay is still visible between the tees on holes 13 and 16 on the current Red and White course.


Deauville Golf Club, Calvados. Pre-WW2 map showing both Deauville golf courses.

The above Map shows both The Golf Club de Deauville-sur-Mer (to the north), and the New Golf Club, Deauville (south.) Source BnF.


The Google Map Below pinpoints Avenue du Golf, Deauville, location of the first (1899) course.