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Grasse Golf Club, Alpe Maritime (06). (1910 - 1920s)

This club is a mystery. References to the course can be found here and there but only a few lines each time, even in local newspapers. It seems as though it was a project which started in about 1910 with a few “rustic holes” curtailed by the Great War (with an 18-hole course according to Massy).

Extract from Arnaud Massy's 1911 book "Le Golf" -  "The little town of Grasse also has a golf course. The course has 18-holes. A special automobile service allows easy access from Cannes to the links at Grasse."

A second attempt was made in the 1920s with limited success. The local newspaper “La Revue de Grasse” dated Sunday August 6th 1922 referred to the game of golf being played at “Pré du Lac” a place close to Chateaneuf, a neighbouring city to Grasse. It was also included in the famous annual “Guide Plumon” in 1930 it referred to “Chateauneuf de Grasse Golf” as being formed. It also provided a drawing of the clubhouse.

This was the last report found for the club.


Grasse Golf Club, Alpe Maritime. Proposed clubhouse.