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Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica (2B). (1929 - WW2)

This was an 18-hole course built in 1929 in association with the Hotel Napolean Bonaparte. Prince Aga Khan was one of the Honorary Vice-Presidents of the committee.

The following is taken from "Le Golf" new edition 1936 - "This 18-hole golf course is wonderfully situated, a few kilometres from Ile-Rousse beside a fine sandy beach and at the foot of majestic mountains which dominate the Cap region, between Ile-Rousse and Bastia. The land is excellent, the course lined with a natural grass carefully maintained and watered and the finely lawned greens meet all the demands of the toughest players.A clubhouse has been built on the course itself. there, players can find cabins with sanitary facilities and a restaurant with a terrace where meals and drinks are served as required. A special bus service ensures frequent connections between the course and hotel. Honorary Presidents Admiral Lacaze, former Navy Minister; and Monsieur Rio; President Sir Warden Chilcott (as written - maybe warren?); Hon. Vice-Presidents His Highness the Aga Khan, Messieurs Humbert Ricolfi, Jean Fraissinet (president of the Board of Fraissinet and Co); Routley (Her Majesty's British Consul at Ajaccio), Marcel Bourgeois, W-J Thomas (general director of American Express Co), Duke Carlo A de Vera d'Aragona (Italian Consul at Bastia); Hon. members Mme Jean Fraissinet, Duchess Pozzo di Borgo, M Jean Delemer, M Leguiller (Secretary of Ormesson GC); Secretary M Piétri."


Île-Rouse Golf Club, Corsica. 18-hole course layout.

Layout of the eighteen-hole course. Image courtesy of Christoph Meister.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. The eighteen-hole golf course.

Above is the Île-Rouse eighteen-hole golf course. Image - John Llewellyn collection.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. Golf Course Guide pictures.

Golf course guide. Images courtesy of Jean-Bernard Kazmierczak.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. The Hotel Bonaparte.

Hotel Napolean Bonaparte.



Christoph Meister took the recent (October 2016) pictures, below, of the former course. Lovely surroundings for a golf course.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. Recent (2016) pictures of the former course.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. Recent (2016) pictures of the former course.


Île-Rousse Golf Club, Corsica. Recent (2016) pictures of the former course.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course. Parts of the course are covered with a holiday village, but half of the terrain is still there untouched.