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La Bourboule Golf Club, Puy de Dôme (63). (1919 - WW2)

Founded in 1919 La Bourboule had a nine-hole course measuring 2,400 yards. In 1925 there were plans to extend the course to 18-holes but this never happened.  The course was located at Charlannes (mountain overlooking La Bourboule).

At the time of closure the secretary was F J Ferreyrolles, telephone number 14. Membership was 120. The station at La Bourboule was 2 ½ miles from the course. There was a funicular to connect the station to the mountain.

Although the club continued to be listed in the Golfer's Handbook into the 1960s it had probably disappeared at the time of WW2. 

Note from John Llewellyn – I visited Charlannes, location of the former course in August 2014. I had no idea of the exact location of the course but I could not miss out on the opportunity of trying to find it. Unfortunately, I could find no evidence of the former course or its buildings.

There is no trace of the original clubhouse for La Bourbole, or of the original funicular that ran to the summit, this finished operating in 1958. There was a cable car to the top that came into service in 1975 but this finished running in 2012 due to financial restraints.

The current Hotel at the summit is derelict and the whole area looks really run down. I'm not sure if this Hotel is on the site of the former hotel and clubhouse - further investigation/help required.


La Bourboule Golf Club, Puy de Dome. Golf de Charlannes.

Le Golf de Charlannes.


La Bourboule Golf Club, Puy de Dome. Golf Road.

Golf Road. (John Llewellyn Collection).


La Bourboule Golf Club, Puy de Dome. Chalet du Golf.

Chalet du Golf. (John Llewellyn Collection).


La Bourboule Golf Club, Puy de Dome. The Hotel.

The Hôtel de Charlannes.