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Saint-Malo - Paramé  and La Guimorais Golf Clubs (35). (1890s - WW1)

In Brittany, located close to Saint-Malo and not far from the great Dinard Golf Club are a couple of forgotten places.  

According to “Brittany for Britons” a guide book for tourists published in 1896, there were two different courses, as follows “The Paramé links consist only of six (rather short) holes, but are a great convenience for practice, as they are close to the hotels, while La Guimorais links are two or three miles off, necessitating a special bus”. La Guimorais, built in 1893, was probably a nine-hole course and was further described as “the most sporting that the most ardent lover of golf novelties could desire”. It was also offering a short course for the ladies on the Rotheneuf Road. The clubhouse and headquarters of the club was located in Mme Thierry’s café where lunch was also served. Upstairs it was possible to freshen up with two locker rooms available for gents and two for the ladies.

Both courses disappeared at the time of WW1.




La Guimorais links.

Above is a postcard showing the La Guimorais links. Image provided by Christoph Meister.


As information on these courses was so scarce we decided to put the clubs under one heading (Saint-Malo) for the time being.