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Sainte Barbe Golf Club (Le Golf des Anglais) (64). (1892 - WW1)

 Sainte Barbe Golf Club (Les Golf des Anglais) Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Pyrénées-Atlantique 64.

The club was founded in 1892 at Sainte Barbe and called “le golf des anglais.” (golf of the English), the area was particularly popular with the Brits. The course was instigated by Colonel J P Lilburn and a group of his fellow golf enthusiasts. The nine-holes were laid out by Willie Dunn. The links were attached to the Golf Hotel Beau Rivage. The course extended over Ste Barbe hill, up to the cliffs of Erromardie, after the Tir au Pigeons (pigeon shoot). It was laid out on the top of the cliffs to take advantage of both sea and mountain views.

Golf Hotel Beau Rivage. which was built for Léon Fourneau.


Sainte Barbe Golf Club. Teeing off.

Golf Club de Sainte-Barbe (John Llewellyn Collection).


Sainte Barbe Golf Club. 1905 Postcard.

A postcard dated 1905, written by a lady signed Madeleine. “Did you recognise this place? This is where we found the ball a Sir was looking for. The boy in front is a neighbour and the lady who keeps her stick up, a client”.


The lease was due to expire in 1907/8 but, following negotiations, a further 10 years were added to take it to 1918. In 1911 the course was extended to 12-holes; these additional holes were constructed along the left side of the course, but the proposed extension on the right side was not carried out due to WWI. 

The hotel was run by various families over the years, and was requisitioned by the Germans in October 1940.

In 1954 it was converted to apartments, known as the la Villa du Golf. The building still exists as the Résidence du Golf, at 72 Boulevard Thiers.