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Hardelot Golf Club, Pas-de-Calais (62). (1906 - 1931)

The original club and course was founded in 1906 in a very picturesque location (the first tee was on a tower of the Hardelot castle, see images below).

It was re-formed at a different location in 1931 on a course designed by Tom Simpson.


Hardelot Golf Club, Pas-de-Calais. The Duke of Argyle.

The Duke of Argyle, Honorary President of Hardelot Golf Club, driving at the first hole (forward tee for the Duke?).


Hardelot Golf Club, Pas-de-Calais. The first tee on the tower.


Hardelot Golf Club, Pays-de-Calais. The first tee.

Above two views of the unique first tee which was on the tower of Hardelot Castle. Images courtesy of Christoph Meister and J B Kazmierczak.


In the early 1900s the number of American golfing visitors to Europe was steadily growing, not only to Britain, France was also becoming very popular.

The following is taken from USGA Bulletin 1906. “On July 26th a new course was opened at Hardelot near Boulogne. At present there are nine-holes only, but by next spring it’s expected that eighteen-holes will be in fine condition. Harry Vardon has had a good deal to do with laying out the course and he and nature combined have made Hardelot a spot where real golf – not merely summer golf – is played.

It has not been necessary to make a single artificial hazard and there are no terraced greens or tees (there were lots of natural hazards). The golf course is laid out over the same character of country as St Andrews, North Berwick and Sandwich and similar celebrated courses. The hazards consist of natural sand bunkers, sand dunes, ponds and ditches, pine trees, roads, bents, broom, rushes and even the Claire Eau Lake.

On opening day the capacity of the course was well tested by a foursome. The players were; M Maurice Péron, captain of the club and Mr John D Dunn, British secretary of the club, against M H Thierry, secretary of the Bolougne Golf Club and G Walls, professional of the Boulogne Club. The match was won by M Péron and his partner by   3 and 2.

The honorary president of the club is the Duke of Argyll, brother-in-law to King Edward.”  


Hardelot Golf Club, Pays-de-Calais. A natural hazard.

One of the many “natural hazards” on the Hardelot course “bunkered at the fifth hole”. From the USGA Bulletin 1906.


Hardelot Golf Club, Pays-de-Calais. The final tee.

John D Dunn on the final tee. From the USGA Bulletin 1906.