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Dinard Golf Club (Saint Lunaire). (35). (1889 -1891)

The earlier Dinard course was at Saint Lunaire, 2.5k from Dinard, and consisted initially of 7-holes. 

There is an entry for Dinard in the 1889-1890 Golfing Annual which states; "Just as we go to press we learn a golf club has been started here. The links at Saint Lunaire consist of seven-holes and there are hazards of various kinds." 

The 1890-91 edition states that "Last year we had a golf course at Saint Lunaire, about 5k from Dinard. A small course certainly, only 8-holes, which will soon be made nine for the ladies' use." 

It goes on to say that this course is no longer sufficient, and that a general assembly of the club had authorised the creation of a new course on the coastal border in Saint Briac, about 6k from Dinard. 

Did the Ladies’ course at Saint-Lunaire continue? If so, for how long? 

The postcards below show the Saint-Lunaire Golf Hotel. Unfortunately they are not dated but would appear to be later than the 1890s.


Dinard Golf Club (Saint Lunaire). The Golf Hotel Annexe.

The above image shows the Annexe Golf Hotel, Saint-Lunaire. (John Llewellyn Collection.)


Dinard Golf Club (Saint Lunaire). The Golf Hotel and beach.

Saint-Lunaire, the beach and Golf Hotel. (John Llewellyn Collection.)


It was reported in Golf on Friday 10 April 1891 that the new links at St Briac had opened on Easter Monday.