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Fourqueux Golf & Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. (1923 - 1959) 

The original club was founded in 1923 and continued until WW2.

In June 1633, Louis XIII acquired 75 hectares of land at Fourqueux to give as a gift to his doctor, Charles Bouvard. During the following years, the land remained the property of his descendants.

In 1923, with the exception of Villa Colin and land of 1.5 hectares retained by Charles and Marie Marret, the land until then operated by a farmer was rented to a group to create a golf course. 

Léon Visinet, a member of the Ile de France Automobile Club, presided over the creation of the Golf and Tennis Club of Marly & Fourqueux. The course was officially inaugurated on the 29th October 1924. The course welcomed international champions to the opening and Arnaud Massy established the course record. With the onset  of WW2 golf ceased on 1st May 1940. 

Throughout the 1920/30s many professionals made additional money from "challenge matches" against fellow pros or wealthy amateurs. Amongst some well known golfers playing at Forqueux in 1929 where Aubrey Boomer, Archie Compston and Auguste Boyer (see images below.)


Forqueux Golf and Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. Aubrey Boomer at Forqueux in 1929.

Aubrey Boomer at Forqueux. Source BnF.


Forqueux Golf and Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. Archie Compston putting.


Forqueux Golf and Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. Archie Compston lining-up.

The above two pictures are of Archie Compston. Source BnF.


Forqueux Golf and Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. Auguste Boyer playing from a green-side bunker.

Auguste Boyer at Forqueux . Source BnF.



Forqueux Golf and Country Club, Yvelines (78), Paris. Layout of the earlier golf course.

Layout of the earlier courses. Image courtesy of Christoph Meister.


During the war, the land was used by the German forces. Following the war the property was used for the breeding of race horses. 

In 1959 the announcement of the closure of a golf course situated in the commune of Marly drove a group of players to search for a nearby site to re-create a golf course. The history and beauty of the site convinced the founding committee to proceed. The land at Fourqueux was reclaimed.  

On an area of 75 hectares, it was decided to revive a 27-hole golf course within the beautiful setting. The course was designed by Lou Petitt and Hawtree supervised the work. The terrain was landscaped. 26,000 trees and shrubs were planted. Golf was inaugurated at the new club on May 11th 1963.