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Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. (1891 - 1950s)

Las Palmas Golf club was founded on 17th December 1891 by the British colony living on Gran Canaria.

A course was laid out in “Lomo del Polvo”, a part of the city that today is called Las Escaleritas. The course was near to the city centre and hotels. In 1898 Open winners John Ball (1861-1940) and Harold Hilton (1869-1930) both visited the club.

The following information is taken from the Golfing Annual 1891-92. The course is situated on the high ground behind the Catalan Hotel, laid out last December under the superintendence of R C Kitto, late captain of the Oxford University fifteen.

Golfing Annual 1896-97 - The course was of thirteen holes, varying from 150 to 420 yards. The top six holes are played twice to make up the eighteen. There is a small clubhouse. Monthly members are admitted at a charge of 6s/8d and can play for the Monthly Medal and Palmer Challenge Cup, which are the club prizes.

Golfing Annual 1898-99 - The golf links, which are remarkably well laid out, are the property of Las Palmas Golf Club, and adjoin the grounds of the Catalina Hotel. The links are about two miles round, and there are thirteen holes, some of the upper ones being played twice for the full course of eighteen holes. The Bogey score for the eighteen holes is 73. There is a clubhouse on the links, which have been favourably reported on by Messrs H Hilton and J Ball Jnr., who played over them last year. These gentlemen suggested several alterations in the course, which have since been carried out. The obstacles are principally natural, consisting of “Barrancos,” or dry water courses, and euphorbia scrub, which to any badly directed ball is very fatal. These natural obstacles have been in places supplemented by dry retaining walls, which require some negotiating. The subscription to the club is very low, 10s for a year, or any part of one. No entrance fee. Caddies were paid 50 cents (about four pence) for eighteen holes, and 30 cents for thirteen holes. A medal, given by the late Mr G Forman, is competed for monthly, and there are at present two Silver Challenge Cups. One given by the late Walter Palmer, and the other by Mr O Robinson, the latter played for against Bogey. There is also a Silver Medal for ladies, to be played for monthly, given byLieut-Col Wallace W Cragg. The links, being on an elevated plateau, commanding magnificent sea and land views, are always blessed with afresh and invigorating breeze, and are a favourite walk for the visitors, who enjoy the tea picnics given frequently at the clubhouse, which is only ten minutes walk from the hotel. All Golf requisites can be obtained in the island.

Article below from December 1904.


Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. Article from The Tatler December 1904.


Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. Article from The Tatler December 1904.


Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. Article from The Tatler December 1904.

From The Tatler Wednesday 28th December 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Golfing Annual 1907-08 - The course, of eighteen holes and the clubhouse, are less than a mile from the Santa Catalina and the Metropole Hotels. Sunday play allowed. The season lasts from November until April.

Hon secretary; Chas E Medrington, Studio Metropole, Las Palmas. Eighteen holes. Course record (amateur) R Atcherley, 71. Visitors’ fees 2/6 a day, 10/- a week, £1 a month, £2 per season. Hotel, The Metropole.  Source – 1912 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook.

The Golfer at Las Palmas.


Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. Article from The Sketch in March 1932.

From The Sketch Wednesday 2nd March 1932. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


The eighteenth green and clubhouse June 1935.


Las Palmas Golf Club, Canary Islands. The eighteenth green and clubhouse June 1932.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 25th June 1932. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


Entry from the 1947 Golfer's Handbook; Las Palmas Golf Club, Apartardo N02, Grand Canary; Membership 160; Hon. secretary - S H M Head, c/o British Club, Las Palmas; hon. treasurer, C E Gray; 18-holes; Visitors' fees 3s a day, £1 fortnight, £1/10s a month. Sunday play with caddies.

Due to Urban Development in the Las Palmas area in the 1950s it became obvious that the club would have to find a new home.

In 1956 the club moved to its present site on a course designed by Mackenzie Ross at Los Llanos de Bandama. 

If anyone can help with the exact location of the former golf course please get in Touch via the "Contact Us" facility on the website homepage.