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Sevilla Golf Club, Tablada. (1921 – 1939)  

A nine-hole course  laid out by Harry S Colt.

The following is an article by Bernard Darwin that appeared in  Country Life in June 1921 – “An Architect Amid Spansh Bulls – Mr Harry Colt has just come back from building not castles, but golf courses in Spain, and has told me some interesting and amusing things about his expedition, which I propose to pass on. He laid out one course in Seville in rather alarming circumstances. All round him browsed a large number of bulls. Occasionally on the horizon he observed a gentleman on a horse, armed with a long lance. This was a picador, or words to that effect, whose mission was to protect Mr Colt from the bulls. The bulls paid no attention to either of them, but when the architect discovered they were all destined for the ring, his faith in the picador was shaken and he did the rest of the surveying in a motor car. This course, which is on a plain close to our old friend of our geography lessons, the Guadalquiver, is only one manifestation of energy in Seville, for there are now being built there very beautiful buildings of a permanent character for a great exhibition which is to be held there, probably in 1923.”

Entry from the 1928 Golfer’s Handbook; Seville Golf Club; membership of 300; secretary, Marquis de la Habana; professional, ? Luchen; nine-holes.

From the 1933 to 1937 Golfer’s Handbook; Seville Golf Club; membership of 200; secretary, F Villagan; professional, J Perdon; green-keeper, C Bernejo; nine-holes; station at Seville 3 miles; visitors’ fees 5 pesetas a day, 10 pesetas a month. Seasonal course – November to May.

The course was abandoned after the Spanish Civil War in 1939 with the land being reclaimed by the Spanish Army.