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Sociedad, Golf de Neguri, Bilbao. (1911 – 1961)

An 11-hole course laid-out by an unknown English professional on a site at Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri. It continued at this location until 1961.

The original course was abandoned when the club purchased land and built its current 18-hole golf course in the early 1960s.

The original course was developed for housing and the area is still called “Old Golf.”


Sociedad, Golf de Neguri, Bilbao. Layout of the eleven-hole golf course.

The 11-hole course layout. Image courtesy of Christoph Meister.


Below are entries from the Golfer’s Handbook.

1933; Sociedad Golf de Neguri near Bilbao; membership of 374; hon. secretary, Dr. Juan Caro; professional, D Aguerrezabalaga; course records; amateur – L T de Arana, 63; professional – T Bernandino, 60; 18-hole course; visitors' fees, 5 pesetas a day, 50 pesetas a month

1947; Sociedad Golf de Neguri, Lejona, Vizcaya; membership of 480; secretary, Pedro Ampuero; professional, D Arrizabalaga y harrharrazabal; green-keeper, Jose M Borda; course records; amateur – J Arana, 62; professional – D Arrizabalaga, 64; 11-hole course with a par of 68 and SSS of 70. Visitors’ fees 10 pesetas a day.

1951; As the 1947 entry except for; secretary, Damaso Fscauriaza; green-keeper, A Larazabal; visitors’ fees 25 pesetas a day.

1956; membership of 750; secretary – Luis M Allende, Iparraguirre 29, Bilbao; professionals, D Arrizabalaga and A Larazabal; green-keeper, J P Urquijo; 11-hole course measuring 4,665 metres; station at Gobelas 400 metres; visitors’ fees, 65 pesetas a day.

1961; as the 1956 entry except for; membership of 1200; visitors’ fees 60 pesetas a day.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former golf course.