Axenfels Golf Club. (1904 - WW2)

In 1904 a golf club was founded at Axenfels near Brunnen. The 9-hole course measured 2.200 yards and was first mentioned in the 1908 Golfer’s Handbook.

Nisbet's Golf Year book from 1912 states that “The course is 3 minutes from the Palace Hotel, lying between the lake and the village of Morschach; fine views of lake and mountain. Natural hazards, good turf and greens”

The golf course was situated on the river bank of the lake of Lake Lucerne and was owned by the Palace Hotel.


Axenfels Golf ClubCourse Plan.


The Axenfels Golf Club Clubhouse.

A social gathering outside the clubhouse.


The course closed for the duration of WW1 but reopened after the war. H.Nelson-Gay, an American who spent most of his time in Rome, was club president. The club was a three-time winner of the Swiss Golf Federation trophy.


Axenfels Golf Club, Switzerland. On the golf course in 1931.

Golfing at Axenfels in 1931.


In 1926 Arthur Padley, originally from Barton-on-Sea, was the golf professional at Axenfels.