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Bern Golf Club. (1934 - 1958)

Around 1934 a golf course was laid out on the Gurten near Bern. Construction work was completed in 1936. Donald Harradine, the first golf professional and head green-keeper at Gurten, was also the architect of the course.

By 1937 Golf Club Bern had 150 members. The 9-hole course had a SSS of 34 and a par of 32 (each 9 holes).

In 1938 and 1939 Golfer’s Handbook states that there were 100 members. The secretary was E. Kernen.


Bern Golf Club aerial view of the course.


Bern Golf Club course set in stunning surroundings.

The pictures above show the former golf course amid the stunning scenery.


During the Second World War the golf course, like most other courses in Switzerland, was used for agriculture.

After the war golf was played again at Gurten even though the number of club members had dropped to 80 by 1947. The secretary at this time was P Kehrli, the professional and green-keeper was D Harradine. The course now had a SSS of 33 and par of 32. Visitors’ fees were 5 francs a day, 20 francs a week.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was Aloys von Tscharner, the professional was E Costaz and the green-keeper J Castelanelli

In 1955 the city of Bern announced the termination of the lease contract for the end of 1958. At the same time the increasing number of golfers on the Gurten made it ultimately necessary to look for a new golf course. A new location was found at Blumisberg where the Bernhard von Limburger designed 18-hole course opened for play in 1959.

Today the course on the Gurten is still used for golf, but its Disc Golf now!