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Genève Golf Club. (1889 - 1973)

The first golf course in Genève was opened in 1889 at Charmilles under the presidency of a certain Mr. Colgate from the well-known industrial dynasty of consumer goods. The course existed approximately for 15 years.


Genève Golf Club. Early advert for the club.

Advert for the early course.


In 1922 the Golf Club de Genève was founded and an 18-hole golf course constructed at Onex. During the Second World War the course was ploughed up with the former fairways serving as agricultural land according to the “Plan Wahlen”.


Genève Golf Club. Layout of the course.

Course layout in 1931.


Genève Golf Club. The course in the 1920/30s.

The course in the 1920s/30s.


Following WW2 the secretary at Onex was E Beresini. The professionals were G Barras and E Costaz, the green-keeper was M Jacquemond. The club had a membership of 200. Course records were; amateur, Capt. F Francis and N Berruti, 63; professional, Alex Ross 62. The 18-hole course, altitude 1,250ft, had a SSS of 71.

By the mid 1950s the membership had risen to 250. It was now listed as an eighteen-hole course measuring 6,000 yards. Course records were now; amateur, N Berruti and O Dillier 67; professional, A Miloda 69. The secretary was E Beresini. The professionals were G Barras and J Bonvin, the green-keeper was M Jacquemond. Visitors’ fees were 10 francs a day.

During the 1960s the secretary was A Girard. The course now measured 6,800 yards with a SSS of 73 (other information as before).

Prior to the clubs move in the early 1970s membership was 550. The professionals were G Barras and J M Barras. The eighteen holes measured 6,100 metres with a par of 72.

Around 1960 plans were made public stating that there were plans to construct a road through the Onex golf course. After years of searching land for a new golf course was found at the “Domaine de Bessinge” at Cologny. It was here that Robert Trent Jones Senior designed a golf course which opened in 1973.

In 1969 the State of Geneva bought the land of the former golf course. The original intention was to build University III and a campus on this land.

When in 1973 the University III project had not materialised , the communes of Bernex , Confignon , Geneva, Lancy and Onex signed an agreement with the State of Geneva to jointly operate the park and to create a sports area . The park was then renamed "Centre intercommunal de détente, de loisirs et de sports des Evaux". 

Today the restaurant Auberged’Onex is located in the first clubhouse of Geneva GC. The second clubhouse at l’Evaux, Onex, which opened in 1965, is today used as part of the intercommunal sports, relaxation and nature centre. Nowadays the 55 hectares (136 acres) of land and forest are covered with football fields, an athletic stadium, a skate park, a children’s playground, an adventure park, a running track, tennis courts and an 18-holes Disc golf course which hosted the 2014 European Disc Golf Championship.

On the Google Map below the soccer pitch, to the far left, is where the second club house (from 1965) was situated, the original clubhouse still stands at the point furthest to the right of  the former golf course area.