Les Rasses Golf Club, Ste-Croix. (1903 - 1950s)

Report on the course from September 1903.


Les Rasses Golf Club, Ste. Croix. Report on the 10-hole golf course in September 1903.

The Field Saturday 19 September 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The Golfing Annual 1903-04 lists a 10-hole golf course belonging to the Grand Hotel in Les Rasses, Ste-Croix. The course most probably opened around 1905, if the date given in the French Guide Plumon is correct.

The Golfers Handbook 1906 confirms the existence of a Ste-Croix G.C. The club joined the Swiss Golf Association in 1908, but it remains unclear whether any golf was played before 1916, when Edouard Baierle, the owner of the Grand Hotel, started paying an annual rent of 20 francs to the municipality.


Les Rasses Golf Club. Nine-hole course layout.

Course layout in 1931.


Entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Les Rasses Golf Club; Membership 35; Secretary, E Baierle; Professional, Grisoni; Green-keeper, H Jacolet; 9-holes; Station at Ste.Croix, 3 miles; Visitors - 5 Francs a day; 30 Francs a week, 60 Francs a month; Season June to October; Hotel - Grand.


Les Rasses Golf Club. Layout of the eighteen-hole course.


Les Rasses Golf Club. The Grand Hotel.

Top is the layout for eighteen-hole course at Les Rasses, below is The Grand Hotel.


Les Rasses Golf Club. Advert.

Advert for The Grand Hotel.


Les Rasses Golf Club. Certificate.


It was thought that golf had finished at Les Rasses by the time of WW2. It can be seen from the above certificate that the club/course was probably still active until at least the late 1950s. The certificate was issued in 1957, it also states that the private share company was set up in 1929. Image provided by Christoph Meister.


Les Rasses Golf Club. Postcard of the Hotel from 1954.

"Le Grand Hôtel du Golf, Les Rasses" a postcard dated October 1st 1954. From the Christoph Meister collection.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course.