Neuchâtel Golf Club. (1928 - 1960)

The Club de Golf de Neuchâtel was founded in 1928.

A nine-hole golf course was constructed at Pierre-à-Bot next to the road from Neuchâtel to Chaumont. In 1930 the golf club joined the Swiss Golf Association.

A club house constructed in 1928 is still around today used as a café named “Pinte de Pierre-a-Bot”

The course was pleasantly situated near the city of Neuchâtel with lovely views onto the Swiss Alps and the “Lac de Neuchâtel”.


Neuchâtel Golf Club, Switzerland. Earlier course layout.

Above is the earlier nine-hole course layout.


Neuchâtel Golf Club, Switzerland. The Clubhouse.


Neuchâte Golf Club, Switzerland. Golf Club guide.

Golf Club guide.


During WW II the course was ploughed up with local people growing wheat and potatoes on the former fairways.

When the course reopened following the war the secretary was Paul Guisan , the professional A Caudron, and the green-keeper A Stucki. The club had a membership of 180.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was Jacques Wavre, the professional C Dabadie, and the green-keeper A Stucki. Membership was 130. Visitors’ fees were 5 francs per day, 20 francs a week, and 50 francs a month.    


Neuchâtel Golf Club, Switzerland. Course layout in 1961.

Course layout in 1961.


Neuchâtel Golf Club, Switzerland. Scorecard from 1961.

Scorecard from 1961.


In 1960 the City of Neuchâtel declared it would not extend the lease contract for the land and the club had to look for a new location. In 1975 the new 18-hole course at Voens designed by German golf architect Bernhard von Limburger was finally opened for play.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former clubhouse.