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Villars-Palace Golf Club. (1922 -1967)

In 1922 the Golf Club Villars joined the Swiss Golf Association.

Charles Génillard, director of the Hotel Villars-Palace, laid out a nine-hole course in his park. The same year “Le Golf” reports, that the course has tees and greens which are acceptable, but the rest of the course is in a really bad shape. There was some hope though, that professional William Freemantle together with his sons Maurice, René and Wilbur would improve matters. The longest hole was 272 meters long, whereas the shortest hole was 85 meters long.



Villars-Palace Golf Club, Switzerland. One of the grens on the Villars-Palace golf course.


Villars-Palace Golf Club, Switzerland. One of the greens on the Villars-Palace golf course.

From The Bystander Wednesday 12th July 1933. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Villars-Palace Golf Club, Switzerland. View of the golf course.

The Villars golf course.


Villars-Palace Golf Club, Switzerland. Grand Hotel advert.

Grand Hotel advert.


Following WW2 the secretary and professional at Villars-Palace Golf Club, Villars above Bex was D Picchiottino, the green-keeper was P Gay. Course records were; amateur, D Welch 64; professional, J Hills 63. The club had a membership of 80. The station at Villars was 3 minutes away. Visitors’ fees were 5 francs a day, 21 francs a week and 90 francs a season. The season was from 15th June to the 15th September.

In the mid 1950s through to the 1960s the secretary was J L Chable, green-keeper V Camata. Membership was now 50. Course records; amateur, M Marquoz 63 (G Poupon 61 in the 1960s);J L Chable 57. The course measured 3,588 yards, the SSS was 33.

The course was closed down in 1967 due to real estate investments.



In 1975 a new golf course was opened in Villars in “Plan-de-Four”.