Gstaad Golf Club. (1928 - 1939)

The golf club at Gstaad was founded in 1928 by local hotel owners and in the beginning the golf course was rather simple. There were no locals and only tourists played golf. The course was laid out over moist meadows adjacent to the Saane riverbanks and next to the “Montreux-Oberland Bernois railway line” between the stations of Gstaad (1.5km away) and Saanen (1 km away). In 1930 it was reported (“Le Golf”) that almost 50 golfers were playing the course every day, so that professional Harry Fulford, formerly of Le Touquet, could hardly fulfill the demand for golf lessons. 


Gstaad Golf Club, Switzerland. Layout and course measurements.

Layout and measurements of the nine-hole Gstaad course. Image courtesy of Christoph Meister.


The club closed down in 1939. It took until 1962 before a new golf course under the name of Golf Club Gstaad-Saanenland reopened in the area.

The Google Map below pinpoints the Alpenruhe, which is in the centre of the above golf course layout plan.