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Trümmelbach Golf Club, Lauterbrunnen. (1963 - 1970)

Just about one year before the opening of the current golf course at Interlaken-Unterseen construction work started on October 22nd 1962 on a golf course at Trümmelbach-Lauterbrunnen.

The 9-hole golf course measured over 2.900m with a Par 70 was laid out on an area of over 22 hectares and was designed by Donald Harradine, the famous Swiss golf architect of British origin.

As early as 1959 an initiative was started by Fritz Borter, owner of the Palace Hotel at Wengen, and Karl Molitor, a two time Olympic medal winning alpine skier (1948 at St. Moritz) and owner of a sports shop at Wengen. On March 2nd 1963 the golf club was officially established with both initiators taking over as president and captain respectively.

By mid-1964 the club had 45 adult and 7 junior members. One year later the number had grown to 66 active members. Financially the club was never very strong and by 1970 there were only 50 members remaining.

It was certainly a problem that in 1965 the 18-hole golf course at Interlaken-Unterseen opened less than 20km away.

In June 1970 the Trümmelbach course was closed and the golf club dissolved.

There is a listing for the club in the early 1970s in the Golfer's Handbook, as follows;  The professional was Jakob Kressig; membership of 90; 9-holes measuring 2,900 m with a Par of 72; Daily fees were 10fr, weekend 12fr.


Trümmelbach Golf Club, Wengen. Golf Club badge.


Trümmelbach Golf Club, Wengen. Golf Club badge.

Trümmelbach Golf Club badges.