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Bad Ragaz Golf Club. (1905 - WW2)

Original course 1905 - WW2.

There is evidence that golf was being played  in Ragaz  during the 1890s. At first a rather simple golf course was apparently laid out outside of the village direction Mastrils, in the Fluppi area, just opposite a place called "Paradiesli" which was mainly frequented by Englishmen spending a few days there in order to get used to the Swiss climate while in transit to Engadine.

The first “real” golf course was created in the Heulöser area next to the river banks of the Rhine. Construction started in April 1904 and on April 1st 1905 the opening of the course at Ragaz took place. The links themselves were an open space with a few bunkers but no trees at all. The original lease agreement was concluded on 21st September 1902 and prolonged in 1922, 1925 and 1939.


Bad Ragaz Golf Club, Switzerland. Layout of the golf course in 1905.

Course layout in 1905.


Bad Ragaz Golf Club, Switzerland. Layout of the golf course in 1928.

Course layout in 1928.


Comparing the 1905 and 1928 plans one can see that changes were made to the layout. The clubhouse was extended but still at the same location.


Bad Ragaz Golf Club, Switzerland. The original Golf House in 1905.

The original "Golf House" 1905.


Bad Ragaz Golf Club, Switzerland. The later extended clubhouse in 1930.

The later extended clubhouse in 1930.


With the outbreak of World War II the golf course at Heulöser became victim of the so called- "Anbauschlacht Wahlen” transforming thousands of hectares of land into agricultural acreage. In May 1942 it was communicated, that working feverishly for three months 60 workers from Hürlimann brewery transformed the former golf course at Ragaz into agricultural land. Where once over weightedYankees practised their favourite sport the plow was now reigning. Hills were removed, trenches filled and corn, barley and potatoes were growing steadily. The workers were housed in two barracks and the transformed club house.

Immediately after the war golf was not considered a priority and it took until 1956 before a golf club was re-established and a golf course built at a different location, this course is still in use today.

The Google Map below pinpoints the area occupied by the former course. (47°01’27.25”N,9°29’41.57”E)