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Blaenavon Golf Club, Forge Side, Torfaen. (1906 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1906.

A 9-hole course with very well kept greens on mountain and meadow turf. Sunday play was not allowed in the early years but was “optional” in the 1930s. The railway station was 5 minutes away. There was a licensed clubhouse in the 1930s. 

Mention of a “newly formed” club in 1907. A competition for a silver spoon given by Mr R J Fowler at the newly formed Blaenavon Golf Club was played in February 1907, result; W A Taylor, 100-16-84; R J Fowler, 96-9-85; R H Hutchinson, 93-6-87; G Forster Martin, 95-6-89.

Below is the result of a match played at Pontypool in October 1908.

Pontypool Golf Club   Blaenavon Golf Club  
K P Jones 1 R J Fowler 0
W Griffiths (halved) 0 T Osborne (halved) 0
A H Bailey (halved) 0 C W Westlake (halved) 0
T C Winston 0 J Payne 1
H L Jones 1 Rees Jones 0
Cliff Udell 1 G Hirst 0
Major Ford 1 Lieutenant Johns 0
J Knapp 1 J A Cecil 0
A H Gittins 1 H Taylor 0
C Wilkinson 0 Cecil Skrimshire 1
R G Davies 1 Lieutenant Edwards 0
E C Daniel 1 Rev. R Lewis 0
  8   2

The course was in splendid condition for a match played against Radyr Golf Club in May 1909. It was reported that the excellent situation of the course must have thoroughly pleased the visitors who were making their first appearance at Blaenavon.

Blaenavon Golf Club   Radyr Golf Club  
G Forster Martin 0 E Williams 1
R H Hutchinson 1 J Allan 0
R H Fowler 0 W H Bull 1
C W Westlake (half) 0 W M Carnegie (half) 0
H B Head 0 W Morgan 1
Rees Jones 0 R G Jones 1
Dr Skrimshire 0 A Bland 1
Geo Hirst 0 W G Wailes 1
  1   6

In July 1909 a match between H Prosser and H Brown the professionals of The Barry and Blaenavon Golf Clubs respectively, was played at Barry, Prosser won by 5 and 4. 

  Secretaries Professional/greenkeeper
1906 - 1909   R Brown (p)
1910   T E Taylor (p)
1914 H H Head, The Terrace, Blaenavon T E Taylor (to 1917) (p)
1923 C F Sullivan, 6 Ewnayon Rd, Blaenavon W T Phillips (g)
1924-1926 T C Davies, London House, Aberaeron A S Phillips (g)
1927 E M Dwyer, Geluytd, Blaenavon S Phillips (g)
1928-1931 R J Morris, 25 Allgood Ave, Blaenavon  
1932 F E Davies, Brooklands, Blaenavon  
1937 A F Lowe, Cwmavon C Phillips (g)

The final round of 36-holes for the Cecil Cup was played in January 1910 when George Forster Martin beat C W Westlake by 7 and 6.

The retiring captain, T B Hirst, was in the chair at the annual meeting  held in August 1910. It was stated that the past year had been a very successful one financially with a balance in hand at the bank. The following officers were elected; Mr George Forster Martin, captain; Mr Rees Jones, vice-captain; Mr C W Westlake, match captain; Mr C Fowler, secretary.     

Membership in 1914 was 140, there was no entry fee, and subs were £1/1/0.  Visitors’ fees were; 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 15/- a month.

In 1923 Membership had dropped to 90. Visitors’ fees were now 2/6d a day.

Result of a ladies match against Tredegar Park played in May 1923.


Blaenavon Golf Club, Forge Side, Torfaen. Result of a ladies' match played in May 1923.

Western Mail Monday 28 May 1923. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1927 visitors’ fees had been reduced to 1/6d a day and 10/- a month. Membership at this time was 60.

In the club’s last year in 1937 the 9-hole course had a par of 36, and there was a membership of 52. The amateur course record was held by C Phillips with a score of 36. Visitors’ fees were; 1/6d a day, 10/- a month.

Blaenavon Golf Club, Forge Side, Torfaen. Location of the golf course.

Grid reference SO25070,08320, co-ordinates 325070,208320.